Update Your Camper With a Mobile Detailing Service

Update Your Camper With a Mobile Detailing Service

Schedule RV and camper detailing in New Iberia, LA

Kevin’s Mobile Detailing provides exterior RV and camper detailing services in New Iberia, LA and southern Louisiana. There’s no need to hook up to your power or water source—we bring a trailer with our own power and water. You can also rely on us to repair rubber roofs, awnings and other exterior features of your RV or camper. A standard size RV or camper takes about six to seven hours to complete, depending on the job.

Your RV will be ready for your next big adventure in no time! Contact Kevin’s Mobile Detailing to schedule camper or RV detailing today.

Receive a free estimate on your camper detailing service

Get a free estimate by uploading a picture of your camper to our mobile app with a few details about what kind of detailing service you need. We’ll get back to you shortly with a free estimate. You can also reach out to us by calling 337-680-8937 to learn more about our RV detailing services.